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KLR Hydraulically operated Tractor Mounted Rigs are specially designed for fast and cost-effective drilling by air, mud or foam drilling methods using down the hole hammers & bits, core barrel & tools, rotary tricone bits and other conventional tools as per customer's choice. Hydraulic system powered by tractor engine is operated by fixed displacement pumps which regulated rotary head speed, feed etc.

Centralised control board located close to the drilling point ensures convenience of operation. KLR Rigs require minimum maintenance and can be operated by 'semiskilled' drillers.
Technical Specifications
Description Core Drilling Rig
Blast Hole Drilling Rig KLR-TBH-40 Borewell Drilling Rig KLR TBW-40
Capacity Bore Dia: 76 mm.
Core Dia: 54 mm.
Drill Depth: 150 Ft.
Bore Dia: 4.5'' & 6'
Drilling depth: 150 Ft.
Bore Dia: 6'' & 6.5''
(Over Burden)150 Ft.
Bore Dia: 4.5'', 500 Ft.
Hydraulic Power Pack
A. Prime Mover Tractor Engine Tractor Engine Tractor Engine
B. Feed
Pull up Force 4500 Kgf. 4500 Kgf. 4500 Kgf.
Pull Down Force 2300 Kgf. 2300 Kgf. 2300 Kgf.
Pull Down Speed 30 m/min. 30 m/min. 30 m/min.
Pull up Speed 24 m/min. 24 m/min. 24 m/min.
C. Rotation
Speed 0-500 rpm. 0-60 rpm. 0-100 rpm.
Torque 30 Kgtm. 120 Kgfm. 120 Kgfm.
D. Optionals
Two Speed R.H. 0-500 rpm. 30 Kgtm.
0-60 rpm. 150 Kgtm.
--- ---
Min. Suggested --- 450 CFM & 150 PSI 500 CFM & 200 PSI
Rod Changer Single Rod Changer Single Rod Changer
Water Pump
Capacity (Suggested min) 75 lpm@35 Kg/sqcm. --- 36 LPM @ 28 kgf/cm2
Drive & Mounting Trailer Mounted, Separate Engine Drive Hydraulic
Hoist 2.5 Tonne @ 30 Mtrs/Min. ---