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Digging-Pole Erection Machine
KLR Pole Erecting Equipment
  Heavy-duty transmission specifically designed for crane application
  Heavy duty Winch Motor for hoisting
  Articulated chassis for turning radius
  Specifically built long chassis for more reliability
  2 part telescopic boom hydraulically extendable for more outreach and high lift
Technical Specifications
Telescoping Heavy duty, two part box type hydraulically operated.
Derricking Through double acting jacks
Hoist Mechanism
Four falls, hydraulic winch Rope diameter 12 mm
Front 2190 mm (center of twin wheels)
Rear 1850mm (center of wheels)
Front 10.00 X 20 – 16 PR (Four Nos.)
Rear 16.90 X 28 – 12 PR (Two Nos.)
Clutch Single plate, heavy duty dry friction type clutch plate specially designed for crane application.
Rear 16.90 X 28 – 12 PR (Two Nos.)
Speed Travel speed 25 Km/h – restricted as per safety norms (without load)
Type Heavy-duty transmission developed specially for crane application. Sliding mesh, spur teeth gearbox. 4 forwards and reverse speeds, with high & low selector lever.
Front wheel Hydraulic brakes.
Rear wheel Hydraulic breakes.
Speed Travel speed 25 Km/h – restricted as per safety norms (without load)
Parking Mechanically actuated at rear wheels.
Operation Timings (No load at rated engine rpm)
Boom Raising 24 secs
Boom Lowering 20 secs
Telescoping Extension in 14 secs
Telescoping Extension out 20 secs
Steering (lock to lock) 10 secs
Hoist line speed 12 m/min
Telescoping Extension out 20 secs
Hydraulic tank 130 ltrs
Fuel tank 90 ltrs
Kirloskar Engine, water cooled diesel engine
Rated power for crane 76 bhp @ 2200 rpm or equivalent engine.
Hydraulic system
Pump Vane type hydraulic pump
Control Valve 4 spool control valve with built-in pressure relief valve
Hydraulic Filter Suction line has a 100-mesh inline strainer, while return line has 25-micron full flow filter
Electrical system
12V single battery, negative earth
Standard Sccessories
All Weather Cabin
Front Bumper
Stop, Tail, Turn & Reverse Lamp
Rear View Mirror
Lift Cylinder Guard
Descriptiion Pole Erection
Drill hole Dia. 4.5”
Drill Depth 150 Feet
Drill holeDia. 6”
Drill Depth 100 Feet
Drill holeDia. 24”
Drill Depth 10 Feet
Drill hole Dia 12”
Drill Depth 20 Feet.
Drill hole Dia 8”
Drill Depth 25 Feet.
5 Feet rod handling capacity.
(Under favorable drilling conditions)
A) PRIME MOVER Vehicle Engine
Pull up Force. 4,500 Kgf
Pull Down Force. 2,300 Kgf
Pull Down Speed. 30 m/min
Pull up Speed. 24 m/min
C) Rotation
Speed 0-70rpm
Torque 120Kgf-m
E) Water Injection Pump
Capacity Suggested min Drive 36 LPM @ 30 Kgf/cm2 Hydraulic